My Name is Brian Gibson, I was born in Traverse City, Michigan to a Navy career family and raised all over the United States. I joined the Army, in Seattle Washington (mainly because I don’t swim so well) where I served for 26 years. as a Combat Medic. I attained the rank of SFC E-7 In service to our country and retired in 2016. Now I am proud to call Kentucky home. I’ve seen and done things that I’m not at liberty to tell you, and you wouldn’t want to hear. Because of those things I had a disagreement with the Lord. So, for years I allowed Satan to take me down the wrong path, which almost cost me my life, literally! I self-medicated with alcohol, as many of my Brothers and Sisters do, and worse. At one point I had a .45 in my mouth ready to pull the trigger, when I received a phone call.

I accepted an invitation from a friend to go to a motorcycle rally where a Harley Davidson Motorcycle was being raffled off. It was there at Free Spirit Biker Church (just to show you that God has a sense of humor, it was in a PINK building) that I met Pastor Dennis Lawrence. Through his intervention I got to meet Jesus Christ as my Savior. Now I am saved by grace! It has not been an easy road, but by the grace of God, my wife, and church family, I am here today. I thank the Lord daily for the strength to stay away from the poison that almost killed me. I’m also grateful that the Lord takes broken things, repairs them, then uses them to glorify His name. Case in point: King David, the soldier, fought, killed, sinned, repented, and was restored by God’s grace. After I got right with the Lord and many hours of prayer, I’ve been given a mission. PROJECTDIEHARD.ORG

ProjectDiehard was formed May of 2018 and received our 501C3 in September 2018 I’m here to tell you. It’s not that easy to get a non-profit off the ground. I won’t bore you with the details, but ProjectDiehard is growing but we have had a few setbacks. We are a faith-based scripture oriented organization. As you know when called to do the Lord’s work, Satin will do his best to take you down.

They tell me that I can’t, they tell me that I Don’t have what it takes, I’m crazy Hanging on by faith well than Just stand back and watch God do. When God speaks the mountains move. We have been blessed with a donation of 20 acres and a 10K sqft building. It is named Forward Operating Base Rush, after SSGT Courtney Rush who the fight to the demos January 3rd, 2012. We have everything in place to provide Skill training, Therapy, Counseling. FOB Rush when completed will house 12 Single Veterans and this is what sets us apart, 2 veterans with their families for up to a year.

This is the first of our facilities. The goal is to place one in every state, more if needed. I understand you have no reason to help, but if you would it would be a blessing on our mission.

Brian Gibson

To bring public awareness to Veteran suicide and to assist Veterans in coping with the stress and difficulties in transitioning from active duty military to civilian life. 

ROMANS 15:13 

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”